Jews Target New Blog

(This post was made in September, 2020 on my previous blog which was censored by the WordPress Jews.)

I started this blog just a few days ago. Surprisingly, on the very first day it was opened, I was already receiving comments from someone.

The user that left the comments stated that there were many things that were incorrect in my article about Hitler being a Jew who worked for Jewish world interests. I told him to mention everything that he thought was wrong and provide evidence to support his views. He avoided responding to this; I again told him to provide evidence that most of my writing about Hitler was false. This person responded that the writing in general was incorrect, and refused to cite anything particular which he found erroneous in my post.

That is a method I have noticed the Jews frequently use. Since they don’t have any evidence to counter my points, the Jews will rely on vague statements like, “everything you write is wrong” to discourage Jew-aware individuals like me from exposing them. The Jews are frightened of details and intelligent analysis and will always make their criticism as general as possible since they are unable to disprove the presented evidence and facts.

The Jews are getting scared, and they seem to be watching for every new anti-Jewish blog that appears to try to discourage these new bloggers from writing about them and exposing them. The Jews will purposely target new bloggers since these new bloggers are the most susceptible to the Jews’ invective. If the very first comment these bloggers receive is negative, I imagine it would leave a bad impression on them, and might even discourage them from writing more. Fortunately, although I had only opened this blog a few days ago, I had been writing about the Jews for years, and I wasn’t as intimidated when the Jew tried to discourage me from exposing Hitler and the Jews as I might have been if it had actually been my first post on the Jewish Problem.

The Jews are so desperate and have so little facts to support their claims that they have to resort to vague statements, personal insults, and “name-calling” to discourage and intimidate bloggers like me.

The Jew later tried to win me to his side by “liking” some of my posts and commented on some of my other posts. Though they were more positive, in these comments, again, the Jew continued to rely on emotion rather than reason. The Jews use this trick to try to win over egotistic people in leadership positions. The Jews stroke their egos and tell them they are brilliant and flawless to prevent them from improving themselves by critical analysis. As mentioned in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Jews will appeal to the basest of our desires so that they can get what they want, especially from people in influential positions. Perhaps many non-Jewish leaders have been under the influence of the Jews this way.

If your claims are not accompanied by evidence, your comment will be deleted. If the aforementioned Jew had written intelligently and provided evidence for what he was claiming, perhaps I would have been accepting of that and would have further considered his views. Unfortunately, the Jews seem to be incapable of intelligent and rational discussion. Their very lives and reputations are dependent upon lies and deception, and they won’t tolerate a whit of compromise if it threatens their status and their very being. They must rely on personal attacks, insults, name-calling, flawed analogies, and intimidation to prevent us from spreading the truth.

There was something else that seemed suspicious. Within 24 hours of starting this blog, I already had over a hundred views. Who was giving me these views? I hadn’t told anyone about my new blog. 

My only advice is to continue to pursue and write about what you believe to be the truth. Do not let the Jews intimidate you! When they try to discourage you on your own sites, promptly delete and suppress them. Do not waste your time replying to them. Continue to expose them and their ungodly acts.

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